Rachel’s new Book Launch Collective!

EXCITING NEWS!!! I’ve been invited to be one of seven highlighted authors during the Book Launch Collective’s June Launch Event!

You can learn more about the Book Launch Collective and the event here: https://booklaunchcollective.com

The Book Launch Collective harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing and leverages it to help Christian fiction writers (and their stories) reach readers so they can make both an impact and an income with their novels!

I know first-hand how hard getting the word out there about a novel can be! I’m looking forward to being part of this event in June!

If you:
Love fiction written from a Christian worldview
Believe story is a powerful tool to point people to God’s goodness and love
Want to support your creative brothers and sisters in the work they are doing

You’ll want to be part of this unique opportunity!

You can get on the waitlist to get notified of the event details here: https://booklaunchcollective.com

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