Rachel’s new Book Launch Collective!

EXCITING NEWS!!! I’ve been invited to be one of seven highlighted authors during the Book Launch Collective’s June Launch Event! You can learn more about the Book Launch Collective and the event here: https://booklaunchcollective.com The Book Launch Collective harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing and leverages it to help Christian fiction writers (and their stories)Continue reading “Rachel’s new Book Launch Collective!”

Ten Commandments for Smooth Writing

by J.E. & Mary McReynolds TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR SMOOTH WRITING Thou shalt send most adjectives and adverbs to a place outside the camp. They are usually not needed or wanted. They may even be unclean. Hemingway was told early in his career to excise most of the adjectives in his prose. His novels became bestsellingContinue reading “Ten Commandments for Smooth Writing”

a christian carol

At this time of year, advent reflections light the hopeful way to Christmastide and like Charles Dicken’s trinity of ghosts in A Christmas Carol, advent visits us with memory past of His glorious entry into hostile and foreign territory- hope birther. The present now- darkness shatterer. And promise future- curse breaker. Hope Birther— field shepherdsContinue reading “a christian carol”

Criss Cross, Christ’s Cross

I wept as I listened to James Blunt’s song, Monsters, about his ailing father. He sings about the universal exchange of place that occurs as a parent’s health fails. Criss crossed. Brushing bangs gently away from eyes with a caress as tender as the one once used on newborn infant. Applying Chapstick to parched lipsContinue reading “Criss Cross, Christ’s Cross”

Crater Lake Reflections on Burial Day

The wind sounded like waves rustling through the pines, not a gentle whisper, but a mighty push. Down below on the surface of Crater Lake, Wyoming I could see the wind in a way I never had before as it moved the surface of the water. The Holy Spirit of scripture is often referred toContinue reading “Crater Lake Reflections on Burial Day”

On Queries & Book Synopsis

Well, then… When one was having fun writing a novel, one didn’t know what would be involved with its next steps. One didn’t even have to care. When people asked, you just shrugged off the question as veritably unimportant. Surely that could wait. And then you finish writing your book. You stand back satisfied, baskingContinue reading “On Queries & Book Synopsis”

Milo and the Rattle Snake

(a Halloween tale, 2021)        The Eagle’s “Hotel California” blared from the tape deck. Milo winced. The song’s message of futility and emptiness grated on his last nerve. From within the musty cab Gabe, the work hand, revved the motor as he rolled a well-chewed toothpick from side to side. He bid BossContinue reading “Milo and the Rattle Snake”