a christian carol

At this time of year, advent reflections light the hopeful way to Christmastide and like Charles Dicken’s trinity of ghosts in A Christmas Carol, advent visits us with memory past of His glorious entry into hostile and foreign territory- hope birther. The present now- darkness shatterer. And promise future- curse breaker.

Hope Birther— field shepherds overwhelmed by angelic heraldry announcing His birth. The suckling babe, the Lamb of God, to clothe us with His rightness. Come see…

Adoration of the Shepherds by Gerard van Honthorst. MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN/PUBLIC DOMAIN

Darkness Shatterer— confession drawn from repentant hearts seeking solace in His embrace. The seal of His Holy Spirit. Come enter…

The Repentant Magdalene is a c.1635-1640 oil on canvas painting by Georges de La Tour

Curse breaker— exultant return delivering us from this pain-filled fallen world. Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus…

Gustave Doré, “The Triumph Of Christianity Over Paganism,” 1868 (photo: Public Domain)

Expectantly we wait. 

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