On Queries & Book Synopsis

Well, then…

When one was having fun writing a novel, one didn’t know what would be involved with its next steps. One didn’t even have to care. When people asked, you just shrugged off the question as veritably unimportant. Surely that could wait. And then you finish writing your book. You stand back satisfied, basking in the moment.

But then a sinking feeling creeps in. What is next?

I think the sensation is akin to going on your honeymoon, getting pregnant, then waking up three months later with the first bout of nauseating morning sickness. (just not pleasant)

On that carefree island vacation where you romped in the waves, carelessly shopped as if no bills were due at the end of the month, and you ate the apple dumpling with vanilla ice cream, (or two), nothing else had really seemed to matter.

Enter stage left, (for fiction that is), the Query & Book Synopsis. With completed babe in hand, even dolled up by a few beta readers, you come to realize there is a whole new vocabulary to learn. Like beta reader for example and genre and where does your book fit into this grand scheme. This invisible bookshelf that reaches to the heavens. These are things that you have to know. That is what they, and by they, I would mean the people in the business with actual credentials who have made a life and passion of the written word and getting it published, have to say.

So I listened to several podcasts on hope*writers, googled some names, did some searches and came up with this initial link list that might be beneficial for your go-bag to the bookbaby hospital:

(if it helps, you are most certainly welcome, if not, well, I understand…it is all a bit mesmerizing and overwhelming…just as it should be, btw)

Please, pass the pickles.

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