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a christian carol

At this time of year, advent reflections light the hopeful way to Christmastide and like Charles Dicken’s trinity of ghosts in A Christmas Carol, advent visits us with memory past of His glorious entry into hostile and foreign territory- hope birther. The present now- darkness shatterer. And promise future- curse breaker. Hope Birther— field shepherdsContinue reading “a christian carol”

the waning

      It’s another November without her. I remember the low thrum of bagpipe. I turned in the wooden pew peering toward the back of the church as the piper’s mournful tune emerged. Her kilt swung solemnly as she walked up the carpeted aisle. Tears flowed, sniffles all around me, I wiped my noseContinue reading “the waning”

To Lois, With Love

(on your wedding anniversary) Heaven Some Day, Heaven Soon In the darkness of this day, your smile made life better, A gentle touch upon an arm, a nudge you were here. Heaven here, heaven now Heaven some day, heaven soon A smile so warm it lit the room, keeping the shadows at bay, A servant’sContinue reading “To Lois, With Love”


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